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It is estimated that approximately 20 million tons of industrial paint is produced annually world-wide. Such large amount of paint requires a proportionately large number of personnel for its application, supervision and quality control.

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Piping systems are like arteries and veins in the oil industry. Piping systems comprise of pipes, flanges, bolting, gaskets, valves etc. They also include pipe hangers, supporting elements and other items necessary to prevent over pressurization and stressing of the pressure containing components.

Pipe is a medium for the transfer of powdered solid, liquid or gas from one place to another.

The general types of piping systems are plant piping and cross country pipelines. Plant piping is used within the boundaries of a process plant, such as a petroleum refinery or chemical plant. Plant equipment consists of items such as compressors, furnaces, heat exchanges, pressure vessels, pumps and storage tanks.

Cross country pipe lines are used outside the boundaries of process plant. They convey liquid petroleum, petroleum derived products, liquefied gases or natural gas.

The piping inspector shall be knowledgeable in all aspects & components of a piping system including : Pipes, Fittings, Joints, Valves, Supports & hangers and different types of insulations.

Furthermore, the inspector shall also be required to inspect cross-country pipelines including underground lines & above ground lines.

The piping certification, namely “Process Piping & Quality Control Engineering” will cover following topics in its syllabus :
1. Construction Drawing – P&ID, GAD & Isometrics.
2. Construction Materials Specification
3. Welding Engineering & Procedures
4. Fabrication & Erection.
5. NDT basics (PT, MT, UT & RT )
6. Hydro test and Pneumatic Test.
7. Quality Control documentation.
8. Corrosion Engineering and Insulation.
9. Inspection and Quality Control.
10. Safety aspects of Piping.
Note : This course includes the "Engineering Drawing" ( which can be done a separate course as well.)

Course Duration : 10 Days.

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