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It is estimated that approximately 20 million tons of industrial paint is produced annually world-wide. Such large amount of paint requires a proportionately large number of personnel for its application, supervision and quality control.

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Blastline Institute provides very effective coaching classes for additional in-depth knowledge in Painting Inspection Grade 2 as well as Grade 1. This is conducted by our own in-house faculty members and involves elaborate classes on complete theory and practical using highly quality coated specimens, appropriate gauges and genuine instruments along with discussion of extremely elaborate question banks. Needless to mention, these programs are great confidence boosters for those who are preparing to attempt International Painting Inspector examinations. These courses are 11 days long - including Sundays

Please contact our Customer Care Executive for more information on course schedules, fees and other details @ +91 484 2408477 / 2537344, +91 99956 24300 or

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